Hi! I'm jose2007kj, a Network Engineering Student, Haybrid App developer,Progressive Web App Developer

Beliver in Jesus Christ
Beliver in Karma.
Loves to keep myself busy


Currently final year network engineering student.

Did a project on IP Rerouting with SDN and NFV as part of my Mini Project in Mtech

Devloped an android app as part of my Btech MainProject to Detect Ads liberaries name even if its name is modified by developer

Created a video tutorial on Hybrid App Developement with Intel XDK

Created a blog on Setting local host in DreamWeaver

Almost 1 year Experiance in Hybrid App Developement(with ionic 2),1 Month Experiance in Progressive Web App Devlopement(Angular 4) with PHP Mysql,Firebase as Backend

About Me

Myself a guy who loves practical stuff but weak in theories.Loves to explore latest technologies


Mail me and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.